Indo Pacific

Region overview

The Pacific is the primary DATE Operating Environment used for training within the ADF and our regional partners. Australia has taken the lead in its development and continues to build greater depth in order to better support the ever changing needs of the DATE user community. The region is reflective of the real world geo-political make up, and the myriad challenges facing  Pacific nations in the 21st century.



Countries of interest

himladesh flag.png

Himaldesh is a large neutrally aligned growing constitutional democracy in Asia. Himaldesh is recognised as a nuclear-armed state with a large and capable military.
sungzon flag.png

The People’s Republic of Sungzon is a single-party, socialist republic. It has made steps to transform its economy to be market based and open to international investment.
DATE Pacific_Olvana_Flag

Since the People’s Republic of Olvana is the largest country in the region in terms of size and population and with an intent to serve as the regional hegemon, Olvana maintains the largest military in the Pacific.
bagansait flag.png

The Republic of Bagansait is a constitutional republic in name, but in reality is led by a military junta beset with political and ethnic turmoil.
DATE Pacific_Belesia_Flag

The Federated States of Belesia is a relatively new democracy in the region. The turbulence of its independence from colonial rule continues to create stability challenges throughout its many member-islands.
DATE Pacific_South Torbia_Flag

The Republic of Torbia, also called South Torbia, is a constitutional republic that occupies most of the south half of the island of Luzon.
DATE Pacific_Gabal_Flag

The Republic of Gabal is a relatively new democracy, having emerged from joint rule by two Western European countries in 1977.
khothidian flag.png

The kingdom of Khorathidin is a constitutional monarchy that has seen periodic political turmoil over the last 60 years. Khorathidin has maintained its independence and never been colonised by any foreign powers in recent history.
DATE Pacific_North Torbia_Flag Update_Plain

The Democratic People's Republic of Torbia, also called North Torbia, is one of the most militarized countries in the world, with more than half a million active duty military personnel and over two million reservists.

Scenarios in this operating environment


OP STEEL SENTINEL sees Australia leading a multi-national force against a North Torbian aggressor on the Belesian island of Panay. This is a medium intensity conflict against near peer adversary. The intent of this general idea is to enable Joint Collective Training up to JTF level and below utilising DATE-Pacific.

Operation BRONZE ACHILLES has been designed to enable individual training in a Joint Environment utilising DATE-Pacific. BRONZE ACHILLES sees Australia operating as part of a US-led multi-national force against a near peer adversary. (North Torbia) fighting in South Torbia. The Campaign Plan provides enough detail to enable exercise designers and instructors to develop specific scenarios to enable individual training.