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Himaldesh is a large neutrally aligned growing constitutional democracy in Asia. Himaldesh is recognised as a nuclear-armed state with a large and capable military. Whilst neutrally aligned on the world stage, Himaldesh has recently begun to court partnerships with the West, whilst continuing to engage with non-Western powers like Donovia. This provides Himaldesh with potential advantages in countering Olvanan influence in the region. 


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Country Capabilities



The Himaldesh Army (HA) is by far the largest component of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Himaldesh (AFRH). The HA currently consists of 1.8M active duty personnel and approximately 980,000 reserve personnel. The HA is organised into five regional commands (Northern, Central, Western, Eastern, and Southern). Additional ground forces that can fall under the HA command includes the Himaldesh Roads Group (HRG), paramilitary forces, armed police and border guard forces. The HA is a generally well-equipped force with relatively modern equipment of 20 to 30 years old. The HA regularly conducts multi-lateral exercises with regional neighbours to enable interoperability. This has enabled the HA to be a capable cutting-edge force in Southern Asia.

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The Himaldesh Navy (HN) is a true global blue-water navy able to project power beyond Himaldesh’s near region. The HN has more than 70,000 active duty personnel with another 75,000 reserve personnel. The HN is able to field two advanced aircraft carriers, along with a ballistic missile submarine, several conventional attack submarines and 150 other surface vessels and 300 aircraft. Additionally, the HN is augmented by the Himaldesh Coast Guard (HCG) of 14,000 personnel, 180 vessels and 73 aircraft. The HN is a modern capable force able to project power and sustain it in the indo-Pacific region.

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The Himaldesh Air Force (HAF) is the fourth largest air force in the world. With a strength of 155,000 personnel and more than 1850 aircraft, it can secure the country’s airspace, provide global operational reach and disaster response. The HAF is primarily equipped with capability systems of Donovian, Anglo-French, Israeli, US and indigenous design of varying ages between 20 – 30 years old.

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Himaldesh does not have a very capable cyber force. It is considered nascent and is a focal point for modernisation by the government.

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Himaldesh does not have a space domain capability and relies on international partners and commercial entities for space based communication and navigation.

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