Decisive Action Training Environment

DATE is the training system of choice for the Australian Defence Force and its ABCANZ partners.  It is a deep, immersive suite of doctrine and tactics, underpinned by realistically modelled operating environments.  

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Current scenarios

These are pre-developed DATE scenario packages, which can reduce the burden on exercise planning and design staff.  Use them as a starting point and amend them as you see fit, either internally or with the support from the TASSC.

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Tactics packages

DATE is a constantly evolving training system which mirrors real world geo-political trends, it is vitally important that the TASSC continues to build red doctrine and tactics packages which test the training audience. 

Operating Environments

Wherever you want to train, DATE can provide a pre-built operating environment which caters to your training needs. From the Pacific to Africa, the TASSC can provide support in the development of training products

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Latest news

Latest news

The Training Adversary System Support Cell (TASSC) recently concluded a successful engagement at the Association of the United States Army (AUSA) exposition and conference held in Washington D.C. from October 9-11, 2023.


The Information Operations Network,(ION), is a dynamic platform which allows users to exercise information operations, influence operations, or conduct social media exploitation and open source intelligence gathering (OSINT) in a safe and controlled environment. The ION team works with exercise designers and the training audience to deliver live and scripted information effects on exercises and training courses across the ADF, and partner nations.

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