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FSB Soldier

DATE provides a training system to increase tactical acumen, catering for domestic Defence and international Five-Eyes Defence partners audiences who require shared information and learning products within the decisive action training environment.


The Decisive Action Training Environment [DATE] is the new adversary training system delivering contemporary and holistic training options to make ADF ‘future ready’. DATE replicates all regions of the modern world environment, including geopolitics, space, air, maritime, sub surface, land and informational battlespaces. DATE also provides flexible and scalable hybrid threat forces that are adaptive, well-equipped and possess a will to win. DATE is supported by a suite of supporting tools and scenarios that will align military training under a single framework and increase efficiency and effectiveness in training our future leaders for war.

  • russian police forces

    Road to War

    The circumstances that led to Australia's involvement in the region, and what Australia's role is in terms of stabilisation and a return to peace.

  • Russian Soliders


    The major hostile and host nation forces within each operating environment. This includes conventional, unconventional, and insurgent threats along with criminal organisations operating within each region.

  • armoured column

    World Wide Equipment Guide

    This link will connect you to the ODIN Worldwide Equipment Guide [WEG]. The WEG provides detailed information for the weaponry and machinery used by combatant nations.

  • fixed wing

    DATE World

    Date world takes real world geography, and creates fictitious countries, living in the DATE immersive environment.

    DATE world is inclusive of DATE Caucasus, Europe and Africa, Pacific and soon DATE Arctic.