Tactics packages

DATE is constantly evolving to meet the needs of training audiences around the world. The evolution of appropriate OPFOR tactics is vitally important to making sure that we stay one step ahead in the training of our forces. The tactics packages developed by the TASSC are suites of products which include, developing doctrine, ORBATS, video products, capability handbooks and infographics.

Packages list

Olvana land tactics image

This package provides multi-media presentations of tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) on how the Olvanan People’s Army (OPA) conducts infantry minor tactics at Company level and below. The aim is to provide a basic level of understanding of OPA land tactics.
destroyed vehicle in the urban environment

This package provides specific information of how the Olvanan People’s Army (OPA) conducts tactical level operations in the urban environment, which the Olvanans call Enclosure Warfare.
Olvana Maritime Tactics Package.jpg

This package describes how Olvana conduct maritime operations at the tactical and operational levels. Utilising multi-media, this package aims to enable a better understanding of Olvanan Maritime Warfare doctrine.
Malaysian and adf forces Training togerther

By clicking on this link you will be taken to Phase 1 of the DATE OPFOR Threat Tactics package, hosted by US TRADOC.