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Country overview

Since the People’s Republic of Olvana is the largest country in the region in terms of size and population and with an intent to serve as the regional hegemon, Olvana maintains the largest military in the Pacific. The Olvana People’s Army (OPA) is composed of not only a land force, as the Olvana People’s Navy (OPN) and Olvana People’s Air Force (OPAF) are subordinate to the OPA. Olvana attempts to influence the region by the deployment of advisors to various countries and the sale of military weapons to their allies. Today, the Olvanan Communist Party seeks to change some traditions while preserving others, such as the family structure and culture of obedience to the state as being integral to society.

Olvana 2024


National languagesOlvanese
ReligionHindu (34%)
Muslim (2.5%)
Olvanan Folk Religion (25.5%) 
Unaffiliated (25.2%)
GDPestimate $9.57 trillion
TimezoneGMT +7


Country study Video

This country study video provides a short summary of Olvana, encompassing the political, military, economic, social, information and infrastructure aspects of the country.

Country capabilities



The Olvanan People's Army (OPA) is the largest military force in the region, keeping in line with Olvana's intent to remain the regional hegemon. The OPA fields a well equipped army with capabilities and platforms that provides a peer adversary to Western armies. A largely conscripted army, the OPA can boast fielding 1.12M soldiers.

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The Olvanan People's Navy (OPN) is a large capable force with true blue water capabilities. The OPN can project power across the world with capabilities to land amphibious forces anywhere within the Pacific region and support it logistically. Its surface warfare capabilities include aircraft carriers and the latest in destroyer and frigate designs (all commissioned within the last 20 years) and will continue to grow in size in the next 10 years.

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The Olvanan People's Air Force (OPAF) is a very capable force with a mixture of new and older combat aircraft. The OPAF's main mission is air superiority and ground support. This reflects the make up of the OPAF with a strong emphasis on tactical aircraft. The OPAF does include bombers, but is restricted in its capability for strategic bombing, instead leaving that capability to its Surface to Surface Missile Command (equipped with Inter-continental Ballistic MIssiles - ICBM).

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The OPA has sophisticated cyber capabilities and is known to utilise (though hard to prove) these capabilities to subvert foreign nations and international organisation / corporate entities. The Olvanan's utilise these cyber capabilities as a means to achieving strategic goals short of open conflict (grey zone operations).

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The OPA is slowly developing its own space domain capabilities with the deployment of its own GPS and communication satellite constellations.

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