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Country overview

The Republic of Torbia, also called South Torbia, is a constitutional republic that occupies most of the south half of the island of Luzon. After centuries of foreign occupation and despotic rule, South Torbia emerged in the late 20th century as one of the world’s fastest growing economies, and today is one of the world’s wealthiest, most stable, and most militarily powerful nations. The South Torbian military is primarily a defensive force aimed at stopping the Democratic People’s Republic of Torbia (North Torbia), from taking over the entire country. Many years ago, due to the fear of North Torbia, South Torbia adopted a universal military service of short duration for all its male citizens. After leaving active duty, the military veterans serve in an active or inactive reserve role as a deterrence against external threats to the country’s independence.

South Torbia 2024


National languagesTorbian
ReligionBuddhist (61.3%)
Agnostic/Atheist (19.1%)
Christian (5.6%)
Confucian (4.7%)
Muslim (2.9%)
GDPestimate $1.799 trillion
TimezoneGMT +8


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Country capabilities



The Republic of Torbia Army (RoTA) is primarily a defensive force to counter potential aggression from North Torbia. The RoTA can field up to 385,000 soldiers (primarily conscripts) equipped with a mixture of modern and legacy equipment from various western and eastern sources, though the last ten years has seen an increase in US weaponry. It is a capable army and utilises a mixture of doctrine from Donovian, Olvanan and Western armies, though again US influence is slowly growing in the RoTA doctrine development.

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Due to its geographic location on a number of islands, the Republic of Torbia Navy (RoTN) is essential for the country's defence. The RoTN is primarily a defensive force with little capability to operate as a blue water force. The RoTN conducts patrols within its territorial waters and normally stays within 25nm of the country's shores.  

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The Republic of Torbia Air Force (RoTAF) is a capable force equipped with some modern but many legacy aircraft. It is primarily designed to support ground forces, however recent years has seen the RoTAF adopt more western tactics and doctrine, along with acquiring modern combat aircraft.

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The South Torbians are not known to have any capable offensive cyber warfare capabilities. Most of their cyber efforts are defensive in nature to counter North Torbian cyber attacks and propaganda.

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South Torbia does not have any space capabilities and relies heavily on commercial satellites for communications.

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