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Country Overview

The kingdom of Khorathidin is a constitutional monarchy that has seen periodic political turmoil over the last 60 years. Khorathidin has maintained its independence and never been colonised by any foreign powers in recent history. A growing economic power, Khorathidin is seen as a success in the region on transforming its economy from a largely agrarian to producing high technology products exported to the West. This economic growth has allowed Khorathidin’s population to prosper and align with western interests for the extant rules based world order.

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Country Capabilities



The Royal Khorathidin Army (RKA) consists of 245,000 active duty personnel with another 200,000 reserve personnel. It is by far the largest of the Royal Khorathidin Military Forces (RKMF) services. The key doctrine of the RKA is to be ‘swift, light and lethal’. This reflects that RKA’s main role over the last few decades in border skirmishes, counter narcotics and counterinsurgency operations. However, this does not mean that the RKA can rapidly shift doctrine if needed to counter emerging threats. The RKA is mainly equipped with relatively modern to aging weapon systems of 20 – 30 years old.

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The Royal Khorathidin Navy (RKN) is a force 71,000 personnel strong, 18,000 of which are naval infantry. The fleet consists of 130 vessels of varying capabilities, including frigates, conventional submarines, fast attack craft, large coastal patrol craft, minelayers, minesweepers and landing craft. The RKN’s most potent capability is its single aircraft carrier equipped with two air wings (rotary wing only). The primary role of the RKN is to defend Khorathidin’s territorial waters. Whilst in theory the RKN can project naval power beyond her territorial waters, in practice, the RKN restricts their operations in their near region.

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The Royal Khorathidin Air Force (RKAF) consists of 44,000 personnel with 215 aerial platforms of various types. These types include attack, transport, rotary wing and UAV aircraft. The majority of these platforms are between 20 – 30 years old and are of western origin, particularly the US. The RKAF’s main role is to support the RKA with internal security and international border security operations.

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The cyber capabilities of the RKMF is limited. The Khorathidin government does keep strict filters on internet use to prevent radicalisation of the population by insurgent groups. However, the RKMF cyber capabilities focus on network defence and not offensive capabilities outside its borders.

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The RKMF does not have any organic space capabilities. The RKMF relies entirely on foreign and commercial entities for any space based capabilities such as satellite communications and navigation.

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