Operating Environments



The operational environment of DATE Indo Pacific is a complex multi-layered environment reflecting the real-world region. The region has a long history of instability and conflict; ethnic and religious factionlism; and general political, military and civilian unrest.

Given the nature of operations over the past 25 years, the Caucuses was the initial DATE Operating Environment (OE) used by the Australian Army upon introduction of the DATE capability in 2018.

DATE Europe's composite countries encompass over 751,000 square kilometers, of a varied and complex region which encompasses much of Scandinavia.

With Over 795,000 square miles comprise DATE Africa, a varied and complex region which ranges from Lake Victoria in the west to the Indian Sea on its eastern coast.
Arctic Environment

The Arctic is an enormous area, sprawling over one sixth of the earth's landmass; twenty-four time zones and more than 30 million square kilometers.