North Torbia

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Country overview

The Democratic People's Republic of Torbia, also called North Torbia, is one of the most militarized countries in the world, with more than half a million active duty military personnel and over two million reservists. North Torbia’s military spending is around 20% of its GDP, and about one-quarter of all adults serve in some military capacity. North Torbia is a single-party, despotic state that occupies the northern half of the Island of Luzon. It is self-described as a “self-reliant socialist republic”, but its structure is deeply totalitarian, wholly reliant on a cult-of personality and militarism for survival.

North Torbia 2024


National languagesTorbian
ReligionOfficially Irreligious
GovernmentAutocratic Totalitarianism
GDPestimate $10.12 billion
TimezoneGMT +8.5


Country study Video

This country study video provides a short summary of  North Torbia, encompassing the political, military, economic, social, information and infrastructure aspects of the country.

Country capabilities



North Torbia has the second largest army in the region. The Torbian People's Army (TPA) is a capable force comprising predominantly of mechanised/motorised divisions of varying equipment quality. The TPA is mainly focussed towards its southern neighbour with the majority of the TPA stationed along the border with South Torbia.


Sea icon


The Torbian People's Navy (TPN) has genuine blue water capability, but is limited to how far it can project this power due to logistics. In recent years the TPN has received significant funding to provide an amphibious capability that enables limited projection of power.

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The Torbian People's Air Force (TPAF) has a mix of modern and older combat aircraft, but has the capability to hit targets across the Western Pacific rim with a dedicated bomber capability. On paper the TPAF is a capable force with modern equipment, but may lack the experience, training and flight hours to be truly effective.


Cyber icon


The Torbian cyber capability is effective and has been known to be active in limited cyber attacks against countries and institutions the North Torbian government deems an adverssary.


Space icon


The North Torbians do not have an ability to affect the space domain, relying heavily on Olvanan space capabilities for communications.

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