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Country Overview

The People’s Republic of Sungzon is a single-party, socialist republic. It has made steps to transform its economy to be market based and open to international investment. Sungzon takes a pragmatic approach to international partnerships and often works with countries from both sides of a conflict. Whilst Sungzon has moved to a more free market economy, politically it is still a state run autocracy with tight controls on information available to the media and population.

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Country Capabilities



The People’s Army of Sungzon (PAS) is the blanket term for the military component of the Sungzon People’s Armed Forces. The Sungzon Army Ground Forces (SAGF) is the specific term for their Army. The SAGF consists of 412,000 active duty personnel. Additionally, there are also the Sungzon Army Border Guards (SABG) which consists of 150,000 active troops. Both organisations have a similar role, but the SABG’s primary role is border security. The SAGF’s main role is also the defence of Sungzon, but is organised and equipped for the restrictive terrain of Sungzon, in particular their heavy use of light infantry. The SAGF is considered well trained with equipment of moderate age of 20 – 30 years old.

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The Sungzon Army Navy (SAN) consists of 50,000 sailors and naval infantry with 109 vessels. These vessels include Donovian designed diesel-electric submarines, and various frigates and coastal patrol crafts. The SAN is configured for operations within her Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) with a primary role in protecting Sungzon’s maritime interests. The SAN also has a capable shore based anti-ship missile capabilities. This provides the SAN long range anti-ship capabilities for protecting her EEZ. IN addition to the SAN, there is also the Sungzon Army Coast Guard (SACG) consisting of 4,000 personnel and 58 vessels, with a primary role in enforcing laws within Sungzon territorial waters.

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The Sungzon Army Air Force (SAAF) is made up of approximately 35,000 personnel and 209 aircraft. These aircraft include attack, transport, rotary wing and UAV platforms. Additionally, the SAAF has considerable ground based air defence capabilities under a unified Integrated Air Defence System (IADS). The primary role of the SAAF is the protection of Sungzon air space and support to ground and naval operations. It has little capabilities to project power beyond the ranges of its strike aircraft. The platforms of the SAAF are 20 – 30 years in age of primarily Donovian origin.

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The PAS has a very strong cyber capability with a focus on controlling internal access to the internet and media. The government owns the internet service providers in the country and actively regulates content. Any external content needs to be published on servers residing in Sungzon before it is accessible by Sungzon citizens. This strict control over internal and external information provides the government an advantage in information warfare. It is believed that the Sungzon government also has a capable cyber warfare capability but not much more is known about it.

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The PAS does have limited space capabilities with low earth orbit satellites. These satellites were launched with stated missions for climate and scientific research, however it is noted that law enforcement and military use coincides with those scientific capabilities.

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