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Country Overview

The Republic of Bagansait is a constitutional republic in name, but in reality is led by a military junta beset with political and ethnic turmoil. With a population of 61 million, Bagansait is strategically located with borders to four other Asian countries, including Himaldesh, Khorathidin, Sungzon and Olvana. Bagansait’s access to the Indian Ocean is of great interest to her closely aligned neighbour, Olvana. These close military, political and economic ties with Olvana has meant that relations with the other countries along its borders can be tense.

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Country Capabilities



The Bagansait Army (BA) is the largest of the three services. Consisting of between 350,000 to 370,000 members, the BA is considered one of the best trained armies in jungle warfare and counterinsurgency in the region. Distributed amongst four military theatres, the BA is the dominant service in Bagansait and wields enormous power within the military and political domains. The culture of the BA is very insular and sees the general Bagansait populace with distrust. The BA primarily operates equipment that is between 20 – 40 years old. Due to international sanctions, the BA is primarily equipped with platforms of Olvanan origin.

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The Bagansait Maritime Forces (BMF) consists of approximately 27,000 personnel with up to 150 vessels mainly of the smaller patrol boat size. The BMF has recently purchased two diesel-electric submarines, both relatively older in design. The BMF is a brown water navy that is focussed on protecting Bagansait’s coast and inland riverine waterways. The BMF does have a sizable Naval Infantry component capable of amphibious operations, that enables the BMF to have limited projection of power within the region.

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The Bagansait Air Force (BAF) is the smallest of the services, consisting of between 15,000 to 23,000 personnel. Like many Air Forces in the region, the BAF’s role is to support the Army and ground operations. Consequently, it is equipped with airframes of more than 20 years old, predominantly of Olvanan origin due to international sanctions. Of significance, the BAF has begun to invest heavily in UAVs to assist with counterinsurgency operations within Bagansait’s borders.

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The Bagansait Army has limited Cyber capabilities but does have a well developed INFOWAR apparatus. The Military Junta relies heavily on INFOWAR capabilities to cement their position of dominance within the population and heavily censors/suppresses opposing views.

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The Bagansait Army does not have a dedicated Space capability and relies on international capabilities, particularly that of Olvana, for space based communications and navigation.

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