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Country overview

The Democratic Republic of Limaria, a small and poor country, borders Atropia, Ariana, and Gorgas, and also occupies Lower Janga. Limaria currently enjoys a strong economic and military relationship with Donovia and a good economic relationship with Ariana. Tensions still exist with Atropia over Lower Janga, an Atropian province that is currently occupied by ethnic Limarians. Additionally, Limaria’s improved trade relations with Ariana have created tension with the US. Limaria will attempt to maintain relations with all the Caucasus powers due to its precarious economic development and isolated geopolitical position. 

Limeria Map


National languages 97.7% Limarian (official)
1.0% Yezidi
0.9% Donovian
0.4% Other
Religion 94.7% Limarian Orthodox
4.0% Other Christian
1.3% Yezidi
Government Autocracy


GDP estimate $16.24 billion
Timezone GMT +4


Country study Video

This country study video provides a short summary of  Limeria, encompassing the political, military, economic, social, information and infrastructure aspects of the country.

Country capabilities



The Limerian Army is relatively large for her population, fielding approximately 68,400 soldiers (conscripts). The Limerian Army is mainly equipped with modern mechanised units and is on par with Atropia when it comes to capability. The primary role of the Limerian Army is to maintain the status quo over the Lower Janga region.

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Due to being land locked, Limeria does not have a maritime capability.

Air icon


The Limerian Air Force is small. Its main role is that of transportation and close air support for ground forces. The Limerian Air Force is mainly equipped with Donovian origin modern equipment.

Cyber icon


Limeria maintains a competent but small cyber warfare capability. The main focus has been to counter Atropian inforwar attempts regarding the Lower Janga region, whilst propagating Limeria's own narrative.

Space icon


Limeria does not have any space domain capabilities.

More Information

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