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Country overview

The Islamic Republic of Ariana, the area’s second-largest and second-strongest nation militarily, possesses massive oil and gas reserves in its southwest region along the Persian Gulf. This area and the Strait of Hormuz comprise key terrain assets for the country. Ariana’s government is aggressive, capable, revolutionary, and intent on spreading its vision of Islamic governance and the establishment of a new Arianian hegemony throughout the region. Ariana mobilises target populations through politicisation of Islam to accomplish its long-term goals.

Ariana Country map
Capital Tehran
National languages 58.0% Persian Dialects
26.0% Turkic Dialects
9.0% Kurdish
2.0% Luri
1.0% Baluchi
1.0% Arabic
2.0% Other
Religion 89.0% Shia Muslim
9.0% Sunni Muslim
2.0% Other
Government Theocracy
Population 77,891,220
GDP estimate $827.11 billion
Timezone GMT +4


Country study Video

This country study video provides a short summary of Ariana, encompassing the political, military, economic, social, information and infrastructure aspects of the country.

Country capabilities



The bulk of Ariana's military power is invested in its army. The Arianian Army is mainly equipped with modern platforms and is the second largest ground force in the region. There are some Divisions and niche capabilities that are equipped with latest platforms that are considered elite and are on a higher readiness (e.g. Airborne units). The Arianian Army is a very capable force that can project power within the local region and provides a near peer adversary capability against NATO countries.

Sea icon


The Arianian Navy is confined to the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea. It is predominantly a brown water navy with limited surface warfare and amphibious capabilities. However, small as it is, the Arianian Navy is still the second largest in the region.

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The Arianian Air Force is a very capable force equipped with a mixture of latest through to legacy equipment. It can project power well outside of its borders with deep strike capabilities.

Cyber icon


Ariana has a well equipped and trained cyber warfare capability and will not hesitate to use it where and when needed.

Space icon


Ariana has limited space capabilities and relies heavily on allies (such as Donovia) to provide satellite communications and ISR.

More Information

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