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Country overview

The Republic of Atropia is vulnerable because of its natural resources and as a result of conflicts over its province of Lower Janga. Atropia possesses significant oil and gas reserves in both the northeast and the Caspian Sea. Further, the Trans-Caucasus petroleum (TC-P) pipeline, one of the most critical infrastructure components in the region, originates near its capital Baku. The abundance of these rich natural resources generates potential threats from external forces.

Atropia Map


National languages

90.3% Atropian (official)
2.2% Lezgi
1.8% Donovian
1.5% Limarian
3.3% Other
1.0% Unspecified

Religion 93.4% Muslim
2.5% Donovian Orthodox
2.3% Limarian Orthodox
1.8% Other
Government Dictatorship
Population 8,372,373
GDP estimate $85.77 billion
Timezone GMT +4


Country study Video

This country study video provides a short summary of Atropia, encompassing the political, military, economic, social, information and infrastructure aspects of the country.

Country capabilities



The Atropian Army is relatively capable of defensive operations and is equipped with modern to legacy equipment. The defensive nature of the Atropian Army's force structure limits its actions to the region. The equipment mainly consists of legacy Donovian platforms, which corresponds with the equippment of her close neighbours.

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With only the Caspian Sea as her coast, the maritime compnent of the Atropian military is confined to patrol boats to combat anti-smuggling and defence of off-shore hydrocarbon platforms. Having said that, the Atropian Navy can conduct limited insertion/extraction of special forces. The Atropian Navy currently fields modern equipment.

Air icon


The Atropian Air Force is small, but could be deadly in a regional conflict and is best suited for defensive operations. The Atropian Air Force mainly fields modern equipment from Donovian origin.

Cyber icon


Atropia operates a robust cyber capability that is focussed on cyber defence. It is not known if Atropia has any offensive cyber warfare capabilities.

Space icon


Atropia does not field any space domain capabilities.

More Information

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