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Introduction to Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE)

DATE is a library of geographically unique Operating Environments that are representative of real-world conditions, underpinned by realistically modelled REDFOR. NZ Army will predominantly utilise the DATE INDO-PACIFIC (DATE-IP) Operational Environment which is most relevant to outputs. DATE-IP and associated REDFOR will continuously evolve to reflect the contemporary geostrategic situation which will ensure that scenarios remain relevant.

The intent of this resource it to provide a launchpad for the uptake of DATE by NZDF. Here you will find the links and resources that will enable learning and employment of DATE for Individual and Collective training. All documents in this resource are a work in progress and constructive feedback is welcome.

For a more detailed understanding of what DATE is, follow the link below:


Individual Training

This is the primary repository for DATE associated resources that are to be used for Individual training in conjunction with the REDFOR Battle Book.

The first steps to upskilling on DATE-IP are to gain an understanding of the Operating Environment and to complete the US TRADOC G2 online learning package. These can be found by following the links below:

DATE-IP Operating Environment

DATE Online Learning Package

Once this learning is completed and you have familiarised yourself with the REDFOR Battle Book you will have a basic understanding of DATE-IP and associated REDFOR that will enable use of Op SWIFT DEFENDER.

Operational Scenario SWIFT DEFENDER was created in 2023 to replace the LOTC Operational Scenario (LOUISVOA). It has been designed to enable Individual training in a Joint Environment utilising the DATE-IP Operating Environment. Op SWIFT DEFENDER sees NZ operating as part of an ANZAC Division supported by elms of the SOUTH TORBIAN Army against a NORTH TORBIAN adversary fighting in SOUTH TORBIA. Further information on how to use this scenario can be found in the Op SWIFT DEFENDER Implementation Guide below. This scenario can be used with the agnostic heavy, medium or light ORBAT's, or a combination thereof, from Part 2 of the REDFOR Battle Book as required. Operational Scenario SWIFT DEFENDER may also be used for land based Collective Training.

Any feedback on the Op SWIFT DEFENDER documents is to be directed to Tactical School.


Collective Training

This the primary repository for DATE associated resources that are to be used for Collective training in conjunction with the REDFOR Battle Book.

In order to maximize interoperability with the ADF under Plan ANZAC and US TRADOC G2, the decision has been made to utilise Operational Scenario STEEL SENTINEL for Collective training. Op STEEL SENTINEL was written by the ADF Training Adversary System Support Centre (TASSC). It sees NZ participate in an Australian led multi-national force against a NORTH TORBIAN aggressor on the Belesian Island of PANAY. This is a medium intensity conflict that seeks to enable Joint Collective training up to JTF level and below utilising DATE-IP

For NZ planners there is the freedom to replace the NORTH TORBIAN MARINE EXPEDITIONARY FORCE REDFOR currently incorporated into the scenario with the agnostic heavy, medium and light ORBATs in Part 2 of the REDFOR Battle Book as required.

REDFOR Battle Book

The REDFOR Battle Book (BB) is the start point for both Individual and Collective training. it uses the generic Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP's) used by all REDFOR in DATE. These can be augmented by TTP's in the resources that can be found in the Additional Resources section below. Feedback on the REDFOR BB is to be directed to SMIS.


More Information

For more information, or for support in customising these scenarios to fit your training needs, please use the contacts link below to reach out the the Operating Environments team at the TASSC.

DATE SharePoint

ODIN World Wide Equipment Guide

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