Grey zone Playbook

The Grey Zone Playbook, also titled as OPERATION GOLDEN DAO (OGD), is a play guide for how adversaries may utilise non-kinetic tools in an competition environment to just short of conflict to achieve strategic and operational goals. These non-kinetic tools encompass multiple domains such as cyber, information, political and economic. The Grey Zone Playbook utilises Olvana as an example adversary, but can be applied to other DATE state actors. The Grey Zone Playbook is designed to enable an exercise adversary to consider multiple tools across various domains to achieve strategic and operational objectives.

Relevant resources

The list of related resources is listed below

Red book

The Olvanan Asymmetric Warfare Brigade Red Book provides detail on the organisational structure of a formation designed specifically to support Olvanan Urban Operations.

The Olvanan Enclosure Warfare Online Learning Package is designed to enable a better understanding of Olvanan Urban Warfare Doctrine in an easy to digest self-paced learning package.