Urban tactics package

Enclosure Warfare is Olvana’s doctrine for tactical operations in an urban terrain. Key to Enclosure Warfare is the abundant use of human-robotic teaming in the form of UAS / UGV in minimising friendly casualties and ensuring high situational awareness.

Tactics package

Advance in Urban Terrain Thumbnail

This video provides an overview of how an Olvanan Mechanised unit will advance in urban terrain utilising methods to mask manoeuvres such as obscuration and tunnelling.
Storming Attack thumbnail

The Storming Attack is an Olvanan tactic that involves rapid penetration into an Objective, using explosives and engineering equipment to create breaches prior to clearing the target area
Snatch attack thumbnail

The Snatch Attack is an Olvanan tactic used to seize unprepared defended positions in an urban environment
Trishula Storming thumbnail

Trishula Storming is the Olvanan tactical term for breaching obstacles in urban terrain utilising various forms of explosives and is centred on an Olvanan 3-man team
Mech Section urban assault

The Mechanised Urban Assault details how Olvana will conduct an assault on an objective by Mechanised units in an urban environment utilising speed, surprise, AFV heavy weapons and obscurants to minimise friendly casualties.
Strike Attack title card

The Strike Attack is an Olvanan tactic used as part of Enclosure Warfare to deliver heavy munitions or demolition charges onto an objective prior ground forces seizing said objective. It is designed to cause significant damage and casualties to the defenders’

Relevant resources

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Red book

The Olvanan Asymmetric Warfare Brigade Red Book provides detail on the organisational structure of a formation designed specifically to support Olvanan Urban Operations.

The Olvanan Enclosure Warfare Online Learning Package is designed to enable a better understanding of Olvanan Urban Warfare Doctrine in an easy to digest self-paced learning package.