TASSC highlights interoperability at AUSA 2023.

 A representative from the TASSC (centre) stands with LTG Gervais and US TRADOC G2 Personnel at AUSA 2023.

The Training Adversary System Support Cell (TASSC) recently concluded a successful engagement at the
Association of the United States Army (AUSA) exposition and conference held in Washington D.C. from
October 9-11, 2023.

In partnership with the personnel from the US Army's Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC) G2, a
representative from the TASSC assisted TRADOC G2 in manning the stand over three days, focusing on
the presentation of three critical priorities for the team: the modernisation of the Operational
Environment, Digital Delivery of Professional Military Education, and interoperability with ABCANZ
(America, Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand) partners.

Modernisation of the Operational Environment
Discussions at the conference centred on the evolving Operational Environment, stressing the
importance of a doctrine and a Training Adversary System that is capable of addressing the complexities
of contemporary near-peer threats and the rapidly evolving nature of modern warfare. This
modernisation is not just a transformation of physical assets, but also a conceptual evolution to ensure
Australian Army doctrine remains agile and effective in a rapidly changing global security landscape.

Digital Delivery of Professional Military Education
Recognising the digital age's impact on learning, TASSC highlighted its initiatives in leveraging technology
for the digital delivery of professional military education. This initiative ensures that the team can
leverage the digital nativity of junior soldiers and officers to provide ADF personnel with access to
advanced learning resources so that they can continue their professional development in a flexible and
efficient manner, at the point and time of need.

Interoperability with ABCANZ Partners
A cornerstone of the discussions was the emphasis on interoperability within the ABCANZ alliance.
TASSC stressed the significance of cohesive operational doctrines and training methods that enhance
the capability to operate seamlessly with key partners. This interoperability is crucial for coalition
operations and ensures that shared objectives are met with a unified and effective approach.

The AUSA 2023 exposition has been an exceptional opportunity for TASSC to engage with international
our international allies and subject matter experts across Defence and Defence industry, showcasing the
Australian Army’s dedication to innovation in delivery of training doctrines. It has also been a vital
platform for TASSC to exchange ideas and insights with counterparts from allied nations, enhancing
collective security and preparedness.