Predators Run, the integration of Information Operations.

Exercise Predators Run Exercise (1BDE War-fighter Exercise) 2022 took place in August at Australian training areas in the Northern Territory which were incorporated into the DATE-P adversary system.  ION was used to simulate the information environment in the form of mainstream and social media coverage of the events depicted in the exercise.  ION was chiefly used by Intelligence and Public Affairs participants in the exercise as well as overall command.  Its use emphasised the importance of information environment awareness through open source feeds.


ION participated for 14 days in the field at the Mt Bundey Training Area and multiple Non-Defence Training Areas in the Northern Territory. Co-ordination was conducted with HICON and EXCON through a 2-person ION deployable team at Robertson Barracks. The exercise was augmented by ION Team members at other locations.


Information Operations CJTF Luke Hughes said of ION, “…your product was very well conceived, so much so it is a SUSTAIN. For the sake of MOP, I assess you achieved your desired second order effects (the target audience’s response to the first order effect). This resulted in BLUEFOR having to increase its IO effort. Or to put it another way – you made me think and work harder!  Thank you for yours and your team’s work.  Very impressive.”