Information Operations Exercise Brolga Run

Exercise Brolga Run (3BDE War-fighter Exercise) 2022 was designed around the DATE-Pacific adversary system incorporating Australian training areas into the DATE-P world.  Information Warfare/Effects, OSINT objectives and Military Public Affairs were identified as priorities.  ION was used to emphasise the benefit and need for improved awareness of the information environment through open source feeds.

For 11 days in July ION worked alongside HICON and EXCON through a 2-person ION deployable team working within Range Control, Townsville Field Training Area. The exercise was augmented with two ION members projected forward into the training area to collect and distribute live TV and press media feeds.

Commanding officer of the Combat Training Centre, Colonel Ben McLennan said, “I thought it worth sharing the ION product presented to HQ 3X during the 3X WFX. The aim: stimulate learning for 3X’s IO team/broader HQ.  I recommend looking at videos/articles on ABC, Olvana News and the Daily Worker.  Nathan: well done to you, Emma and the team for progressing this capability – and enabling its employment”.