Information Operations Brolga Run

In an era where information and technology play an increasingly crucial role in military operations, the integration of realistic and immersive training exercises is vital for the development and preparedness of modern warfighters. The recent 3BDE Warfighter Exercise Brolga Run, received a significant boost with the support of ION (Information Operations Network). ION provided the exercise with an information environment that facilitated operational and tactical interactions with the training audience. ION aims to replicate real-world scenarios, enabling warfighters to train in a safe yet realistic setting. Brolga Run became the of the latest exercise’s to leverage ION's power, transforming it into a dynamic and immersive training experience.


One of the key strengths of ION lies in its ability to facilitate operational and tactical interactions within the training environment. By integrating various Media and SOCMED networks, ION creates a cohesive and comprehensive information environment that mirrors real-world complexity. Brolga Run participants were exposed to a wide range of information vectors, each designed to challenge their decision-making, situational awareness, and operational skills.


ION's impact extended beyond the exercise itself. The team provided data capture and analysis which allowed for comprehensive training evaluation and after-action reviews. By reviewing recorded data, participants and the ION team could assess individual and collective performance, identify areas for improvement, and refine TTP’s.