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DATE provides a training system to increase tactical acumen, catering for domestic Defence and international Five-Eyes Defence partners audiences who require shared information and learning products within the decisive action training environment.


joint force entry operations

What is DATE

The Decisive Action Training Environment (DATE) is a training adversary system that aligns allied partner nations under a single training architecture. The building blocks of DATE include operational conditions, threat structures and ORBATs, equipment tables and hybrid tactics. DATE is designed to be both a sizeable and scalable training framework that commanders and instructors can use to enable training across the individual and collective continuums.

DATE contains multiple interlinked training regions (20+ fictitious countries) and a wide selection of conventional, hybrid and irregular threat groups in a Cross Domain environment.

All DATE threat actors are flexible, hybrid and adaptive, replicating real world complex threats. DATE includes a suite of training support tools, campaign plans, threat tactics packages, information operations networks and social media emulation. DATE is continuously updated with ongoing analysis of all real world events from the pooled research and resources of our allied partners.

Current regions available within DATE include:

  • Africa (five countries)
  • Caucasus (seven countries)
  • Europe (six countries)
  • Pacific (seven countries)
  • Artic (coming soon)

The threat doctrine for DATE is composite in nature and contains the full spectrum of threats.  DATE is being progressively introduced into the services from 2020 to 2022.