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FSB Soldier

DATE provides a training system to increase tactical acumen, catering for domestic Defence and international Five-Eyes Defence partners audiences who require shared information and learning products within the decisive action training environment.


  • Caucasus

    Operation IRON GUARDIAN is DATE Caucasus’ land campaign. IRON GUARDIAN is designed for individual training requirements, and is centred around the sudden escalation of a low intensity local conflict. It is constructed to provide all the necessary tools for exercise designers to create deep and layered exercise scenarios. Everything from opposing forces, orders of battle down to individuals within the battlespace has been crafted to a high level of fidelity such that every element of the training audience can be fully and meaningfully engaged.

  • F35 Jet over the Pacific

    Operation STEEL SENTINEL has been designed to enable Joint Collective training, utilising the DATE-Pacific Operating Environment. The STEEL SENTINEL Campaign Plan encompasses the full spectrum of conflict and will enable scenarios from humanitarian assistance and disaster relief, to stability and peacekeeping operations, through to full conflict against a near peer adversary. STEEL SENTINEL will enable the ADF and Australian Government Agencies to conduct individual and collective training in a contemporary and relevant operating environment close to Australia’s strategic interests.